Employer’s Liability

If your domestic helper suers an injury or disease arising out of and in the course of her employment, this
policy indemnifies you against your legal liability to pay compensation, costs and/or expenses. The
maximum indemnity for any one event is HK$100 million.

Clinical Expenses

The policy pays the actual clinical expenses incurred resulting from sickness or injury sustained by your
domestic helper, covering up to HK$200 per visit per day for treatment by a legally qualified and
registered medical practitioner. This policy also pays for treatment by registered or listed Chinese
medical practitioners (including bone-setting) or physiotherapists, covering up to HK$100 per visit per
day and maximum HK$500 for each 12-month period. The maximum amount payable under this
Section is HK$4,000 for each 12-month period.

Surgical and Hospitalisation Expenses

If your domestic helper is confined in a hospital for surgery or treatment of sickness or injury, the policy pays the actual, necessary and reasonable expenses incurred up to:
(a) HK$300 per day for room and board and other miscellaneous hospital charges
(b) HK$10,000 per disability for surgical operation
(c) 25% of the amount payable under (b) above per disability for anesthesia and its administration
(d) 12.5% of the amount payable under (b) above per disability for use of the operating theatre
Total amount payable per disability shall not exceed HK$30,000.
The maximum payable for each 12-month period is HK$30,000.

Dental Expenses

If your domestic helper requires oral surgery, treatment of abscesses, X-rays, extractions or fillings as a
result of dental disease, the policy pays two-thirds of the actual necessary and reasonable expenses
incurred up to a maximum of HK$1,500 for each 12-month period, provided such treatment is received
from a legally qualified and registered dentist.

Personal Accident Benefits

If your domestic helper is injured in an accident on a rest day that is not in the course of and arising out of employment with you and not covered by legislation, and which results in accidental death or permanent total disablement within 12 months from the date of such accident, the following compensation shall be payable:

Accidental death: HK$200,000

Permanent total disablement: HK$200,000

Loss of two or more limbs: HK$200,000

Loss of sight of both eyes: HK$200,000

Loss of one limb and sight of one eye: HK$200,000

Loss of one limb: HK$100,000

Loss of sight of one eye: HK$100,000

Loss of limb shall mean physical severance of a hand or foot at or above the wrist or ankle or of an arm or leg at or above elbow or knee. Loss of sight shall mean entire and irrecoverable loss of all sight.

Loss of Services Cash Allowances

If your domestic helper is confined in a hospital due to sickness or injury, this policy pays you a daily cash allowances of HK$200 for the loss of services commencing from the fourth day of the domestic helper’s hospital stay, subject to a maximum of HK$6,000 for each 12-month period.

Repatriation Expenses

If due to a serious sickness or injury, your domestic helper is certified by a legally qualified and registered medical practitioner as medically unfit to work or resulting in her death, leading to the termination of her employment contract, the policy pays the expenses for:
(a) the repatriation of the domestic helper to his / her home country by scheduled flight (economy class) including any transportation for ambulance transfer to and from the airport; or
(b) the treatment of the domestic helper’s post-mortem and transportation of the mortal remains to the airport nearest to the place of burial in his / her home country
The policy pays the actual, necessary and reasonable expenses incurred under (a) or (b) up to a maximum of HK$20,000 for each 12-month period.

Replacement Helper Expenses

In addition to the expenses incurred for the repatriation of your domestic helper as described in Section 7 above, this policy also pays you the expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred for employing a replacement helper, maximum limit is HK$10,000 for each 12-month period.

Fidelity Guarantee

The policy provides cover against financial loss of the employer arising from a dishonest act by the
domestic helper. The maximum payable amount for each 12-month period is HK$3,000.

Domestic Helper’s Liability

The policy covers legal liability of your domestic helper to third-party (other than your family members)
bodily injury or property damage as a result of negligence during the course of employment, subject to a
maximum amount of HK$500,000 in annual aggregate.